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Frequently Asked Questions:

How to place order?
How to pay?
How much do the prints cost?
Can I order a print in a size larger than 18x12 inch?
How much is shipping?
How long will it take for my print to arrive?
How the prints are shipped?
What kind of printer do you use?

Q. How to place order?

A. To place an order using PayPal, simply click on the "Buy" button below the picture you wish to purchase. Doing so will open PayPal shopping cart, which will list the items you have chosen. You also can put the name of the picture in the "Special Instructions" when checking out.

Order Photo Prints

If you feel more comfortable to contact with questions about picture first, just send E-mail with a name of the photo and the size you're interested in purchasing, and we'll take it from there.

If you want to license a picture for online or print publication, please E-mail for details.


Q. How to pay?

A. Use PayPal to process payments. It's a safe and secure way to buy something online using any major credit card or even personal check, and now you don't have to have or open an account with them, just the credit card.

We also accept personal and business checks (holding time apply).


Q. How much do the prints cost?

A. Photo prints sizes and prices: Photo Prints.

You can order almost any photo you like blown up to 48 by 30 inch or larger, like 8 by 6 feet. For more info see: Large Photo Prints.


Q. Can I order a print in a size larger than 18x12 inch?

A. Yes. See info below:

Large Format Photo Prints

Q. What kind of printer do you use?

A. All photos are printed professionally on Fuji color Crystal Archive photographic paper at an industrial lab in Los Angeles, California. The archival quality of this paper is 99+ years as guaranteed by the manufacturer, Fuji.

All art photo prints can be laminated, foam board mounted, matted and/or framed to your order.


Q. How much is shipping?

A. Shipping costs are included in the cost of the print, except if the print is to be shipped outside the United States, or if it's an oversized shipping (print's larger than 12x18 inch). International orders should add additional shipping costs.


Q. How long will it take for my print to arrive?

A. All prints usually shipped within 3 business days of receiving payment. Deliveries will be made via USPS (FedEx delivery available upon request) and should take between 2-6 business days to arrive.


Q. How the prints are shipped?

A. All photos up to 8x10 inch in size will be shipped in a rigid cardboard "flat pack" envelope or a tube. 11x14 inch prints and larger will be shipped in a cardboard tube to ensure their protection. Special shipping arrangements can be made to meet client's requirements.

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